Once again my New Year’s resolution…post on wineblurbs. I think my problem in the past was a lack of a theme. I have found my theme!! Oregon Pinot Noir. Anyone who know me, knows that Pinot Noir flows through my veins…especially Oregon Pinot Noir. I was fortunate to be invited to attend Pinot Noir Camp in 2007. It was a life changing experience for many reasons. Most significant was my Mother passed away suddenly just days before I left for Camp. I know it seems crazy that I would head to Pinot Noir Camp immediately after my Mother died. In fact it was a fabulous diversion. I fell in love with Oregon, the Willamette Valley and Pinot Noir! It will never replace my love for my Mother but I always think of my Mother when I drink Oregon Pinot Noir.

I have always been intrigued by one particular vineyard, Shea Vineyard. While the owners of Shea Vineyard make wine under their own label: Shea Wine Cellars, they also sell 75% of their harvest to 23 different winemakers. I have tasted a few different Shea Pinot Noirs over the years. I find that I have now become obsessed with learning everything I can about Shea Pinot Noir. I have been trying to accumulate wine from all 23 winemakers. I believe I am up to 15 now. This is not an inexpensive commitment. They average around $55/bottle. I plan to focus on Shea during my posts going forward. I will post about the history of the vineyard and try to determine what makes its grapes such a hot commodity.